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Dixie D'Amelio - Roommates (Official Video)
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James Lopez
James Lopez преди 3 часа
i play roblox
i play roblox преди 3 часа
Love you dixie!💜❤️💕
Supreme QUEEN
Supreme QUEEN преди 3 часа
I love this soo much! I remember she started this as a joke but look at her now!
Najma Hussein
Najma Hussein преди 3 часа
Your should stop hate ... She trying to express her feelings in a song so be it if you don't like don't listen .Its annoying now .
i play roblox
i play roblox преди 3 часа
Love you dixie!💜❤️💕
QBOI VLOGS преди 3 часа
wow, it literally sound so good and such a bop when I paused it.
alliyah jane Dechosa
alliyah jane Dechosa преди 3 часа
Who is the real dixie
Chimchim Park
Chimchim Park преди 3 часа
Why does her voice changing in every songs that she released? No hate just asking :)
Amelie Raab
Amelie Raab преди 3 часа
*Irritated twerking*
daria Tudor
daria Tudor преди 3 часа
Dixie this so c♡︎♡︎l i love it !!!!!!
Graferoo Arbado
Graferoo Arbado преди 3 часа
What the fuck is this
abudalacaca преди 3 часа
0:57 why was this necessary
Katherine Williams
Katherine Williams преди 3 часа
Build a bitch is way better
i play roblox
i play roblox преди 3 часа
Love you dixie!💜❤️💕
CharlY C2
CharlY C2 преди 3 часа
damn this is fire when the volume is 0
Trisha Elise Pangilinan
Trisha Elise Pangilinan преди 3 часа
Dixie's view in 3 days: 3.9M views Bella's view in 3 days: 43M views
TrendToday преди 3 часа
feels like a 2012 song I don't like it
Ayaan Abou Zaki
Ayaan Abou Zaki преди 3 часа
This is actually not bad
CookiesWorld City
CookiesWorld City преди 3 часа
xie why Idi.
Jeong Oppa
Jeong Oppa преди 3 часа
Dixie is talented, her voice changes every comeback song.... Oh,that's autotune. Lmao
LAMIS gaming
LAMIS gaming преди 3 часа
Omg i change my mind this is hella bad Bella, Nessa, jaden plz bless my ears Ur the only tts who can sing Omg, like her songs are bad and get more views and clout for being bad but bella nessa and jaden all of them have great songs but dont have views WHILE THEY R LITERALLY AMAZING THIS IS ANNOYING
Ra Da
Ra Da преди 3 часа
Hi 🙋‍♀️
Josefa C.
Josefa C. преди 3 часа
Je crois que je l'ai entendue au Carrefour City hier
LAMIS gaming
LAMIS gaming преди 3 часа
This is bad.....
Siiccedd преди 3 часа
this shit wack
Angelica преди 3 часа
The difference with this trash and bella's song is. She uses mental health/stability to make people "relate" = pull listeners. While Bella actually talks about an ongoing societal problem where what a woman should be for a man. Its not bad to use/inspire to write a song about mental health. But that's a risky move. It's either gonna pull you up or down. For example Halsey's Nightmare is a great song about mental health. It does not just revolve on mh but on herself aswell. And it blends together. While this song actually repels. She focuses on herself but she uses mental health as an excuse. "Let Me Be Sad" really? We all had bad days. But the way she delivers it is as if people owe the person who's having the bad day. The way she sings is more annoying. It doesn't have feelings at all. So instead of relating to the song. You just feel annoyed bc it sounds like a Karen. Bella's song however. Doesn't revolve only to herself. But also to women and men. It gives a message on how we don't have to be somebody's ideal model just to be "match made".
Carbon V.0
Carbon V.0 преди 4 часа
0:57 ?
XXXTENTACIO N преди 4 часа
cringe twerking
Axo преди 4 часа
That’s a lot of swear words Miss most of your fans are kids 💀
Jessica Herr's
Jessica Herr's преди 4 часа
3 days Bella: 42 million Dixie: 3 million 😶
Helena Zakrzewska
Helena Zakrzewska преди 4 часа
i love you
SourGrapeLPS преди 4 часа
0:57 oh my
Claire Ann
Claire Ann преди 4 часа
But the way she rides the bull- I-💀💀
NickiMinaj преди 4 часа
The 7th grade vibes I get from the song
kev the realest
kev the realest преди 4 часа
Am I the only one who was waiting for that one question we all want to know. " Are you and chase going to dating again" ? "Are you looking for a relationship" ??
Janinah Kabalu
Janinah Kabalu преди 4 часа
I’d Rather listen to Lil’ nas x Musics Than this shit
irakli svanadze
irakli svanadze преди 4 часа
mira daccach
mira daccach преди 4 часа
What about Noah in this
Reigne Hontonares
Reigne Hontonares преди 4 часа
The acting gives me second hand embarrassment lmao😐
natasha yz
natasha yz преди 4 часа
This is just autotune...nothing else 👁👄👁
juan goez
juan goez преди 4 часа
Pov: you Disliked before the video started
Craftiexx Nixiexx
Craftiexx Nixiexx преди 4 часа
Who do watch first Olivia,Chase,Dixie,Bella
Owen преди 4 часа
The Audacity to publish this song at the exact same day and time as bella's debut and olivia's good 4 u and other singers. Lmao only 13 yrs old pick me girl can relate to this song
Crinkle Sprinkle
Crinkle Sprinkle преди 4 часа
Dixie this is litteral inappropriate content 😭✋🏻
Mr Piggy
Mr Piggy преди 4 часа
I don't get the hate that she's getting cause this song is a chef kiss especially in this part 3:33 🔥🔥😍
Pazzo.sgravato Tiktol
Pazzo.sgravato Tiktol преди 4 часа
Mr Piggy
Mr Piggy преди 4 часа
If I were charlie I'll be embarrassed if i have a sister like Dixie LIKE GURLLL WE RICH BUT ADMIT IT THAT WE DON'T HAVE TALENT 💀💀
Mr Piggy
Mr Piggy преди 4 часа
The moan makes it more worst 💀💀💀
Mrym B
Mrym B преди 4 часа
Free Palestine🤍🇵🇸
Mr Piggy
Mr Piggy преди 4 часа
Imagine a 7 year old kid singing to this song 😳
urdead lol
urdead lol преди 4 часа
im crying what is this
tanja sander
tanja sander преди 4 часа
hii. 😍🥰😘
Mr Piggy
Mr Piggy преди 4 часа
Her fanbase: *7 year old kids* Also her:
Bokuto Kei
Bokuto Kei преди 4 часа
Uh whats the matter with this song its good
shahzadi ali
shahzadi ali преди 4 часа
For tv Only
For tv Only преди 4 часа
I don't know this song is sooo good I don't know why it's stuck in my head I don't know whyyyyy?!?!💗
Sunrea преди 4 часа
Wtf is this
miodrag velickovski
miodrag velickovski преди 4 часа
Charli is so funny
isaac olivas
isaac olivas преди 4 часа
When I listen to this I think about how someone made the beat, and another person wrote the lyrics just for Dixie to buy it and release it pretending she’s talented
Xomochim преди 4 часа
✨bUy✨ sometime-
Cuchi Rayan
Cuchi Rayan преди 4 часа
whatever they say Dixie, I think thay this song is really a good but not for kids ofcourse
Amna Haleem
Amna Haleem преди 4 часа
RIP To those who thought roommates was a step in the right direction
Sugar's Kookies
Sugar's Kookies преди 4 часа
why you making this kind of songs when 99% of your fans are kids?
Sen Oen
Sen Oen преди 4 часа
*never twerking again*
Muskan Rana
Muskan Rana преди 4 часа
I love John's energy 😂 *Doesn't even look up when Dixie introduces him lol😂
Sen Oen
Sen Oen преди 4 часа
rizza преди 4 часа
aren’t her fans are kids???
Amal Almutairi
Amal Almutairi преди 4 часа
How many voices she have
BAD SMELLING POOP преди 4 часа
Amal Almutairi
Amal Almutairi преди 4 часа
Pls pls pls whattt and y guys say obsessed bad😂😂😂😂
Rose AGT
Rose AGT преди 4 часа
I "finally" got my own show. Jesus how much more entitled can a few teenagers whose entire career formed on a social media platform be?
sophia erfe
sophia erfe преди 4 часа
Bella poarch - 47 M (3 days ago) dixie- 3.9 M (3 days ago)
Nathan преди 4 часа
You to
Layla Olyn
Layla Olyn преди 4 часа
I love this❤❤
Bts and ariana are World domination
Bts and ariana are World domination преди 4 часа
she gotta be drunk to consider this as "MUSIC"
Michelle Mlotshwa
Michelle Mlotshwa преди 4 часа
The picture outside when i saw charlie's messed up bun
Nohara Kina
Nohara Kina преди 4 часа
And sis ur just a tik toker -- what is this trash
Scott Scheper
Scott Scheper преди 4 часа
It was good until 0:06
nabila преди 4 часа